We Consult. We Trade.

Operating for over 20 years in the Hospitality and IT Industry.
We are ready for your next project.
Professional Consulting & Trading GmbH was founded over 20 years ago and focuses on the introduction of latest proven technologies, experienced consulting and reliable trading partners for clients.
Throughout the years we have started to develop in-house solutions to improve efficiency within companies. We create proven technology for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android to increase efficiency and reliability.
Together with new clients and partners we will establish further sustainable business growth. Solid technological and trading foundations will continue to benefit our business partners and clients long into the future.

Current Portfolio


InstaPDF is a seamless scanning, managing & editing service for private and business documents. It is used in the education, technological, financial, hospitality and business sectors. Professional Consulting & Trading Ges.m.b.H. is maintaining the cloud infrastructure hosted on AWS and S3.

StaffDB & Timespace

Organise your employees schedule and personal details with ease.  In order to keep information updated, employees  receive access to a custom portal with all their personal details, schedules, contracts and monthly payment documents.
Timespace in combination with StaffDB  is an interactive employee scheduling application that runs in your browser. This combination greatly increases efficiency for our clients.

Status Board

The Status Board can be used for many occasions. Show menus, schedules, offers, the weather or other important information for guests or employees. 
It can also be adapted to feature a company logo or a slideshow for special occasions.
"Any sufficiently advanced technology
is equivalent to magic"
- Arthur C. Clarke